Puppy Found With Severed Paw in Northwest Miami

The puppy is about 3-months-old.

A 3-month-old puppy was found in Northwest Miami with a severed paw.

An x-ray revealed someone may have intentionally tried to hurt her.

"The entire is paw is missing at what is basically the wrist," said Michelle Rodriguez of non-profit 1 Lucky Dog Rescue. "It is a clean cut. So it seems that her paw was cut from bone to bone."

Rodriguez runs the rescue from her home in Hialeah. They help multiple breeds with a focus on the bully breeds, or pitbull breeds, find new homes. It's a challenge hurt by the stigma that follows these dogs.

"People don't like them, and they'll just do really bad things to them," Rodriguez said.

That's what Rodriguez says is the only explanation for the animal print bandage now wrapped around the puppy's limb.

Now on antibiotics and in good spirits, this gray pup, who is about 10 pounds underweight, and a little timid, will need help with her medical costs, and most importantly, a permanent home. Rodriguez is hoping to help her get a prosthetic limb, but it's the puppy's heart that she hopes a new owner will fall in love with.

"They adjust just well. She runs around here and keeps up with other dogs and is playful," she said.

To learn more about how to help this puppy and others like her, visit 1luckydogrescue.com.

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