Puppy Recovering After Latest Surgery To Repair Gaping Hole in Mouth

Doctors believe that Tita once chewed on an electrical cord that sparked in her mouth

A stray puppy with a will to live is now on her way to making a full recovery after suffering a life-altering accident that left a huge hole in her mouth.

Seven-month-old Tita had a third surgery on Sunday to repair some of the damage she suffered when she was just a few weeks old. Doctors believe she once chewed on an electrical cord that sparked in her mouth, causing severe damage to her tongue and teeth.

The pup was recently brought in to Miami-Dade Animal Services as a stray and a staff employee discovered the gaping hole while prepping to spay her.

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Dogs on the Move, a South Florida nonprofit organization, heard about Tita and was able to raise some funds to get her help.

Dr. Wade Gingerich from Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists, who has been treating Tita, believes she has a chance to recover.

“She was living on the streets, she was living with these severe trauma to the face and somehow got by,” Gingerich said. “That’s really a remarkable story so she obviously has a strong will to live and we're trying to give her every chance that we can.”

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Members from the nonprofit group describe the pup as happy-go-lucky and with a sweet spirit.

Tita will have to remain hospitalized for the next two weeks. But doctors are hoping to put her up for adoption as soon as she is better.

If you would like to contribute towards Tita’s efforts you can visit Youcaring.com and search “Tita.”

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