South Florida

Family Raising Funds to Build ADA-Compliant Smart Home for South Florida Woman

Kayleigh Ferguson-Walker's limbs were amputated last year as a result of life-threatening sepsis during her pregnancy.

When Kayleigh Ferguson-Walker and her husband were building their family, they never thought their lives would take a drastic turn.

In March of 2017, Kayleigh was in the second trimester of her second pregnancy when she was suddenly hit with life-threatening sepsis. Her symptoms hit her quickly, and she was hospitalized and in a coma for two weeks. 

Kayleigh lost the baby.

"In the end, it was between my limbs and my life," she said.

As a quadruple amputee, Kayleigh says she hasn't lost her spirit. But living now requires learning how to do things that were once simple in a different way. 

A community is stepping up to help the family with the Kayleigh Ferguson-Walker Homebuilding Fund to help them get an ADA-compliant home that will include smart technology.

"The ADA-compliant home will help me do more as a wife and mother," Kayleigh said.

Her husband Ramon says her determination to get through is inspiring.

"When I look at my wife and see her situation, it gives me strength, helps me continue as a husband and father," he said.

The campaign just began, but it's bringing new hope to Kayleigh who never lost one thing: her faith.

"Leaning on the Lord is my strength and will always be my strength," she said.

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