Que Pasa, Tom Wolfe?

The author immerses himself in Miami for his latest novel and makes his way out of Hialeah alive

If see an old man wandering around Miami in a white suit, it's not Colonel Sanders on a promotional tour for KFC's new grilled chicken.

It's most likely author Tom Wolfe.

Though he usually only graces us with our presence occasionally during the Miami International Book Fair, Wolfe is apparently in town researching his latest novel, which, is about immigration, race, and class, reported The Miami Herald.

Wolfe, who spent time in Gainesville on the University of Florida campus for his last novel, I Am Charlotte Simmons, popped into the Herald yesterday (watch out Tom, they'll put you to work), as one of his characters is a journalist.

The Virginia-born writer was himself once a journalist - namely the Washington Post - and chatted it up with several Heralders, including Lydia Martin, Joshua Johnson, and Anders Gyllenhaal.

He told Martin he's considering changing the name of his book from Back to Blood to ¿Qué Pasa, Miami?, a nod to the '70s bi-lingual TV show, which Wolfe said he's fascinated by.

After visiting everywhere from Doral to Kendall, he said he realized that "Versailles is not the hub of Cuban Miami. What do I know? But it would be probably Hialeah, don't you think?''

No se, Tom, no se.

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