Quiet Start to Urban Beach Weekend in Miami Beach

It was a mostly quiet start to the long Memorial Day weekend in Miami Beach Friday with not many arrests reported.

The celebration that leads up to Memorial Day falls during Urban Beach Week, which means a lot of people and the possibility of crime.

So far Miami beach police say crime is down with only 18 arrests, 6 of them felonies and the rest misdemeanors. Officers said that's not uncommon for a Friday night.

"We are noticing a much calmer crowd, during the day we are seeing families out here with strollers and we hope that continues for the remainder of the weekend," police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez said. "We want people to have a good time but do so responsibly."

Business owners said this year seems different from previous years.

"So far it's great, the police and the city they are really taking care of the streets and they are in charge of the crowds," said Safa Majeed, owner of Fresh on Fifth.

Fresh on Fifth is right across from one place police were stationed on Miami Beach, at Ocean and Fifth. Police say they will maintain a heavy presence on foot and in their vehicles and will be cracking down on intoxicated drivers and people causing trouble.

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