Quilt Made of Soldier’s Uniforms Stolen From Widow

Authorities said a quilt made from a soldier's uniforms was stolen after being delivered to his widow.

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Central Florida authorities say a quilt made from the uniforms and mementos of a soldier killed in Afghanistan was stolen from his widow's front porch.

Brittany Frazier didn't know what to do with her husband's uniforms after his death in 2009. The couple had been married just seven months.

Earlier this year, she sent the uniforms, photographs and some of Daniel Frazier's other belongings to Wisconsin quilt-maker Lucy Salerno.

Salerno spent months stitching the mementos together.

"It had pictures of their wedding, it had pictures of him in Afghanistan. It's a real personal, personal thing," Salerno tells WFTV in Orlando.

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According to the Polk County Sheriff's Office, a package from Salerno containing the finished quilt was delivered July 15 to Frazier's home in Davenport. However, it was stolen before Frazier could collect it.

The package has an estimate value of $200, but its sentimental value is far greater.

"This is something that means nothing to them and it means everything to me," Frazier said. "I just want it back, that's it. I just want it back."

Sheriff Grady Judd says deputies and K-9s have canvased the neighborhood for the quilt. Deputies believe the quilt may have been discarded once the suspect realized it was such a personal item.

Anyone with information about the quilt is urged to call the sheriff's office.

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