Quintuplets Visit Holtz Children's Hospital

The 9-month-olds came back to say thank you to the doctors at the hospital

The Molinas were the first set of quintuplets ever born at Holtz Children's Hospital in Miami, and on Tuesday the family of seven came back to say thank you to the doctors and nurses who helped all five babies go home happy and healthy.

"We believe in God, but they are the instruments of God. To help all my babies, we are so thankful for all the staff," said Jose Molina, the children's father.

The babies are now 9 months old, but little Enzo Molina was born with a congenital heart defect. He weighed just under two pounds at birth and too weak to operate.

"He struggled and struggled for six months until he was big enough and strong enough for surgery," cardiac surgeon Dr. Eliot Rosenkranz said.

Rosenkranz said Enzo's body wasn't receiving enough oxygen. He underwent surgery three months ago, and is now recovering nicely.

"The main arteries of his body were coming out of the wrong chambers," he said.

He's now been home for almost two weeks and should be able to catch up with his siblings pretty soon, something his parents are thrilled about.

"We don't think about how hard it is," Jose Molina said. "We just think about how healthy they are and how happy we are."

The quintuplets are Iker, Jorge, Fabio, Valentina, and Enzo – four boys and one baby girl.

"I'm just proud! Everywhere we go everyone wants to see them," the father said. "They are always the center of attention."

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