Raccoon, Not Bobcat, Likely Attacked Couple in Lauderhill: Sources

A South Florida couple who were hospitalized after an encounter with what had been believed to be a bobcat may have actually been attacked by a raccoon, NBC 6 has learned.

Sources told NBC 6 Friday that a raccoon is likely responsible for the Oct. 4 attack in Lauderhill, after no evidence of a bobcat was found in the area.

Officials said 85-year-old Eslyn Fray and her husband, 71-year-old Rupert Fray, were out on an early morning walk in the 6000 block of Northwest 44th Street when the attack happened. Lauderhill Fire Rescue crews responded and rushed the couple to the hospital.

Eslyn Fray suffered puncture wounds to the face and her arm, as well as a mauled wrist and hand. Rupert Fray fell and broke his hip trying to help his wife.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has been investigating the attack and hasn't officially said what animal was behind the attack.

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