Raccoon Spotted Hanging Out of Car Window on Florida Road

The raccoon's owner said that his name is "Hank" and he thinks he is a dog

It’s quite common to see a happy dog hanging its head out of a car window enjoying the Florida breeze, but what about a raccoon?

A video taken by a mother and daughter during a Sunday afternoon car ride shows a raccoon sitting in the lap of a driver and poking its head out of a car window riding next to them on a road in Citrus County.

The video was shared on Facebook and eventually made its way back to the raccoon’s owner.

Trisha Dunavant posted on the Facebook post that the raccoon’s name is “Hank Williams” and that she rescued him when he was two weeks old after he fell out of a tree and was abandoned by its mother.

The woman also said that “Hank” thinks he is dog and is best friends with her 100-pound pit bull.

Having a raccoon as a pet may be uncommon, but it is legal in Florida. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, a permit is required for personal possession of raccoons.

Other unusual pets that require permits in the state include skunks, deer and bats.

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