Rallies for Venezuela Held in Miami, Weston

Students gather in Weston, Miami for rallies after demonstrations in Caracas

The students had the loudest voices at Tuesday night's rally for Venezuela in Weston.

College sophomore Daniella Reale is visiting family here and has mixed emotions about going back to Caracas.

"It has been so hard that I think I am going to have to leave any minute so I am going to have to have my plan B," Reale said.

In Caracas, Tuesday's demonstration lasted into the night with protesters demanding freedom, opportunity and Liberty. The daytime rally was one of the largest to date, with tens of thousands saying they feel let down by their Socialist government.

Their new hero, Harvard-educated Leopoldo Lopez, is a wanted man. He organized Tuesday's march and with megaphone in hand urged supporters to continue their fight.

"Soon we'll have a free and democratic Venezuela" he said.

And then the National Guard arrested Lopez, charging him with murder and inciting a riot. He is expected to be in court Wednesday.

Downtown Miami also saw a protest Tuesday night, with Venezuelan nationals making simple demands.

"We are asking for freedom of speech and we are asking for dignity for our country, for our people," Frank Capuccio said.

"Even though we are here we want to be there, we worry about our people, we worry about our families, it's not easy," Rosangela Rodriguez said.

Venezuelan government supporters also took to the streets Tuesday, a sea of red calling opposition protesters traitors.

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