Range Rover With Original Artwork Inside Stolen From Street Artist in Miami

Inside the Rover were four original paintings by artist Alec Monopoly that he was planning on moving to a storage facility.

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A famed street artist is offering a $15,000 reward after his Range Rover that had hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of artwork inside was stolen from his Miami driveway.

On Thursday morning, Miami police responded to a home in north Miami, where a white Range Rover was stolen with four paintings inside. The paintings were original works by Los Angeles-based graffiti artist Alec Monopoly.

Monopoly says the car was locked and inside were four of his canvas paintings that he was planning on moving to a storage facility.

“The Range Rover was stolen, and inside of it was the artwork, so it’s very upsetting and I don’t know if they were going after the artwork," he said. "I think they were going after the Range Rover."

The artist, whose work has been featured in Art Basel and around Wynwood, says the paintings were worth a quarter of a million dollars, but he believes the thieves were after the car and not the paintings.

"It's very valuable work, very personal work for me," Monopoly said. "It's very sad because I put so many hours, years, months of my life into my artwork and for it be stolen is like a piece of me being stolen."

Monopoly is offering a $15,000 reward to anyone who has information that would lead to an arrest or the recovery of his artwork.

Meanwhile, detectives are currently conducting an investigation and ask anyone with information to contact the City of Miami Police Auto Theft at 305-603-6055.

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