Rapist Targets Woman in Her Own Home

Man attacks woman in Brickell condo

A violent early morning rape has residents of quiet Brickell shaken and police on the hunt for a possible suspect.

The disturbing incident happened Sunday morning, as the female victim was leaving Blue Martini in Mary Brickell Village around 3 a.m.

Her walk home was just a few blocks, but what happened when she got to her high-rise building is unthinkable.

"When she gets on the elevator, there's a guy there and he seems to indicate he's going to the same floor," said Delrish Moss, with the Miami Police Department. "She gets off the elevator, he lingers on the elevator for a few minutes but by the time she gets to her apartment, opens the door, she feels someone push her into the apartment, there's a struggle, they fight, he drags her into the bedroom where he rapes her."

Security cameras in her building captured a man calmly leaving her building just moments before the battered and frantic woman called 911 to report the incident.

Miami Police aren't revealing her identity or the location of the crime scene because she is a sex crimes victim.

"She describes a white male with a heavy Spanish or Hispanic accent, with a white button-down shirt, blue jeans," Moss said of the suspect.

The incident had residents of Brickell shaken.

"Breaks my heart," said Jennaraye Conrey, who lives in the AXIS condos. She said it's not difficult for visitors to get into her building. 
"I see people walk in all the time, you're supposed to sign in," she said. "Its scares me a little, because it seems that we're not as safe as we think we are."
According to authorities, Brickell is a low-crime area and many said they generally feel safe. But it's always smart to remain vigilant, Moss said.
"Whenever possible, travel in groups, let people know you're coming in and out," he said. "If you see someone that scares you or gives you a feeling of discomfort, go to someone in the building, go somewhere where you trust a person."

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