Rapper Rich Homie Quan Accused of Attacking Guard at Club LIV: Police

A well known rapper is accused of attacking a security guard who wouldn't let him in to a popular Miami Beach nightclub and then fleeing the scene in a boat.

According to a police report, 25-year-old Dequantes Lamar, AKA Rich Homie Quan, was trying to gain entry into Club LIV at the Fontainbleau around 2 a.m. Tuesday. Christian Cajigas, of Miami Beach, was working security when Lamar and his entourage showed up at the rear entrance of the nightclub.

Cajigas informed the "Type of Way" rapper that the club was at maximum capacity and that no one else could get in.

That's when police say Lamar balled up his fists and stated "I'm Rich Homie Quan and I'm a rich millionaire," before demanding aggressively that he be allowed entry. According to the report, Lamar even began name-dropping another Miami rapper, artist Flo Rida, insisting he was with him.

Cajigas told police he suggested that Lamar go to the front entrance of the club where they keep count and he would eventually be let in.

According to the report, a large man who was a part of Lamar's entourage positioned himself near Cajigas, upon which Lamar allegedly threw a pair of punches to Cajigas' face, leaving his nose broken and his lip bloodied.

Cajigas told police he was stunned by the unexpected blow and bowed his head a bit, that's when Lamar landed another punch in the back of his skull, police say.

Lamar and his entourage allegedly ran off toward the dock where they boarded a boat, then took off in a 30-38 foot vessel displaying the words "renegade" in bright, neon blue lights.

Police say the rapper and his crew headed northbound. Police conducted a search of the water and could not locate the rapper or his entourage.

Miami Beach Police have issued a BOLO alert to officers in relation to the alleged crime.

Cajigas' attorney said he will be filing a civil lawsuit against Lamar.

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