Rare Florida Mink Caught on Camera Capturing Giant Snake in Everglades

Mink sightings are rare in the state of Florida due to their elusive nature

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A rare Florida mink was caught on camera Monday darting across a dirt road with a giant snake clamped between its jaws.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission posted video of the extraordinary sight on Facebook, noting that minks are rarely seen in the Sunshine State due to their elusive nature.

"Imagine the surprise seeing this Everglades mink scampering across the road carrying DINNER!" the FWC said in a Facebook post.

The video was captured by Hannah Cardenas as she and her daughter were taking a nature hike in Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park, according to the FWC.

Cardenas told the FWC the mink was first spotted scurrying across the road, returning seconds later with the reptile in its mouth.

"We are certain it looked even bigger in person!" the Facebook post read.

According to the FWC, minks are a rare species in Florida and their secretive nature "makes them very difficult to study."

The agency is hoping that pictures and videos of the mammals will help them study their habits, as well as their distribution and abundance in the state.

Minks generally live in close proximity to water and are commonly found in salt marshes and freshwater marshes.

The creatures are a state-threatened species and have the ability to eat small mammals, fish, birds and snakes more than twice their body length, according to the FWC.

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