Brian Hamacher

Rash of Davie Car Burglaries Leads to Gun at School

Authorities are investigating a string of car burglaries in Davie including one that ended with a child finding a gun on the property of a nearby school.

At least five burglaries have been reported in the Shenandoah neighborhood and that during one a gun was stolen from a car and found by a second-grader on the campus of nearby St. Bonaventure Catholic School.

Thankfully a teacher was nearby and took possession of the gun. Police say one of the thieves tried to hide on the school grounds but was found by a security guard. A teen suspect hopped a fence and ran away but police caught up to him nearby.

Police say the burglaries are preventable, since the thieves are targeting unlocked cars.

"They just walk from house to house, trying car doors. If it's locked they move to the next one, if it's unlocked then they rummage through it and take whatever property they can," Davie Police Capt. Dale Engle said.

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