Relic of Late Pope John Paul II Makes Pilgrimage Across South Florida

The relic's first stop was St. Mary Cathedral in Miami.

The Official Relic of Blessed John Paul II is in Miami for a pilgrimage through 10 parishes of the Archdiocese of Miami.

Hundreds of Catholics filled the pews at St. Mary Cathedral Sunday morning to see the relic after mass.

"This was very special," said Cari Magnamara, who went to see the relic.

The Archbishop of Miami Thomas Wenski celebrated the mass.

"A relic is something that reminds us of the person they represent, in this case, they are some drops of blood, preserved of John Paul II," Wenski said.

The archbishop said the pilgrimage of the relic is a great opportunity for Catholics to prepare for April, when Pope John Paul II will be canonized as a saint.

"The relics are a way of honoring his memory, but they are also an invitation to us to imitate his virtues," Wenski said.

Many Catholics at the mass today say they hope to go to all 10 parishes to see the Blessed John Paul II.

"At each mass you never know what blessings you're going to be receiving and what gifts and graces you're going to have," Maria Gabriela Grane Lanzas said. "I'm planning to attend each one of the events they are going to be having."

Churchgoers stood in line and once at the relic they kissed it or put his picture on it. Many prayed, while others thanked John Paul II for granting them miracles.

"I had cancer 7 years ago and I'm sure that through the intercession of John Paul, I was healed," Enis del Riego said.

Many locals consider the pilgrimage John Paul II's second return to Miami. While he was alive, the Pope visited Miami in 1987.

The relic returns to Rome on November 22.

For a list of churches the relic will visit, click here.

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