Replica of Ancient Ship Docks in Miami

NBCUniversal, Inc.

A replica of one of history's most iconic ships finished its 6,000-mile journey in Miami Monday afternoon.

A crowd watched the vessel dock at Coconut Grove's Shake-a-Leg - welcoming crew members with music, food and water works.

The ship was a replica of a 2,000-year-old Phoenician vessel. It completed a 5-month voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, which followed a similar path taken by Christopher Columbus centuries ago.

Crew members say the trek across the pond was done to prove the historic ship was capable of completing Colombus's journey - a celebration of Phoenician ingenuity and innovation.

Phoenicians were a civilization that occupied modern-day Lebanon and Syria. They were known for being extraordinary sailors and merchants.

The replica ship was created in 2005 by a Dorset adventurer who wanted to recreate the first circumnavigation of Africa. It's said the Phoenicians were the first people to accomplish this, but most evidence of the adventure has been lost to history.

The ship will be on display outside Shake-a-Leg all week long.

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