Report: Blood Clot Fears for Heat All-Star Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh will reportedly undergo further testing by doctors for a potential blood clot on Thursday

The Miami Heat have concerns about a potential blood clot for All-Star forward Chris Bosh, according to a report by the Miami Herald.

Bosh missed this past weekend's All-Star festivities due to a strained calf. Since then, there have been reports that Bosh would seek further testing on that calf. News of potential blood clot undoubtedly sent shock waves through Miami's front office and locker room.

Last year, Bosh saw his season come to an end early when a blood clot was discovered in his lung. The clot was found during the All-Star break and after Bosh seemingly had no health issues. This year's timing is eerily similar, as Bosh was ready to participate in Saturday and Sunday's action before being scratched late.

When Bosh's clot was found last season, he was placed on blood thinners and advised to avoid any physical contact. It is expected that a similar diagnosis this year would have the same treatment in mind. Should a clot be found, it is possible that Bosh's season would come to an early end once again due to that treatment.

The condition is not considered life threatening according to the report, but it remains to be seen the impact this could have on Bosh's season and career. Playing with repeated blood clot issues would be risky and potentially ill-advised.

Bosh who is in the second-year of a five-year contract with Miami has enjoyed a stellar season. The big man has been clutch for Miami, and has led the team with his play and his attitude. Losing Bosh would greatly diminish Miami's chances of returning to the postseason. The injury could also throw a wrench into plans to move Hassan Whiteside.

The Heat have been outspoken in their disdain for Whiteside's antics, and there have been reports that the team could move him. Without Bosh on the roster however, Miami could be motivated to retain Whiteside's services. The Heat will be short on game-changing big men without Bosh as they have no obvious replacement in-house.

Bosh is scheduled to see doctors on Thursday and at that time, Miami should know more about the condition of its star.

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