Bridge-Jumping Teen Drowns in Hialeah Lake

Boy dies after jumping from a bridge at a park

A daredevil stunt by a local teen claimed his life Wednesdsay after rescue workers were not able to save the boy from drowning.

Maceon Butler, 15, was pulled out of the lake at McDonald's Park at 7505 W. 12th St. around 11 a.m.

Rescue crews worked to save Butler, who had been under water for an unknown amount of time before he was finally found by divers.

Resuscitation efforts were performed on the teen as he was transported to Palmetto General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Police said someone had called 911 after they saw some kids jumping into the lake from a bridge that hangs above it.

Butler, who was in the ninth grade at Hialeah Miami Lakes High School, was recently suspended fom school and that's why he wasn't in a classroom, police said.

The other kids allegedly fled the scene when cops arrived, but a witness claimed one of the boys was missing. Police said they are looking for the teens.

There is a $100 fine for jumping off the bridge, but area residents claim teens plunge off the bridge into the water all the time.

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