6 People Injured After Roof Collapse in NW Dade

Fire Rescue responded to a roof collapse at a warehouse in Northwest Miami-Dade.

The incident happened on 70th Street and 37th Avenue.

Six people were injured in the incident. Miami-Dade Fire said their injuries were minor.  Aerial footage showed a stretcher being hoisted to the roof. A few minutes later, a person was placed on the gurney and lowered to the ground. 

Miami-Dade Fire said two men were working on the roof when it partially collapsed. They fell about five to eight feet and landed on rubble. Rescue officials said the men were able to climb out to safety. A total of three people were taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital. 

Three other men were also hurt, but they were checked out by paramedics at the scene. Everyone is accounted for, fire rescue said. K-9 units were brought out to search through the rubble to ensure no one else was trapped. 

"A lot of the 40 firefighters that were here this evening are also members of our urban search and rescue team and this is what they train for on a monthly basis," said Miami-Dade Fire Captain Eric Baum.

A woman who works across the street from the warehouse said the crew had been working on the roof for several weeks.

The cause of the collapse is unknown.

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