Rescuers Search for 2 South Florida Teens Swept to Sea by Rip Currents

Rescuers are searching for two South Florida teens who were swept out to sea by rip currents on Saturday.

The U.S. Coast Guard said a 15-year-old boy disappeared in the waters in North Palm Beach near McArthur State Park, while a 16-year-old boy was swept to sea in Vero Beach.

Authorities said Saturday had a high risk of rip currents, with three to six-foot waves and high winds, making for dangerous swimming conditions. Rescue crews are still searching for both boys.

"We continue to actively search alongside our partner agencies with hopes to bring the missing loved ones back to their families," said Capt. Michael Long, acting sector commander.

A rip current is a powerful channel of water that flows quickly away from shore. According to the Coast Guard, they often occur at low spots or breaks in the sandbar. Any object or person caught in a rip current can be pulled out into deeper seas.

Officials said those caught in rip currents should swim parallel to the shore until out of the force of the rip current. Then the swimmer can begin to swim back to the beach. Authorities warned against attempting to swim against the current, which they said can easily exhaust even strong swimmers.

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