Police Hunt Dart-Blowing Duck Hunter

A flock of ducks in Davie have been the target of a dart-blowing duck hunter

Clearly, someone must have brushed off the dust from their Nintendo game system for Christmas.

Police and residents of Davie believe there is an illegal duck hunter on the loose in Davie, and the culprit is using blow darts to pierce the ducks in the area, reports WSVN 7.

So now ducks can be added to the list of cats, dogs, horses, sharks and chickens that have been terrorized by some human bully and made the news in South Florida.

Some South Floridians might actually be applauding the mysterious duck hunter for targeting the Muscovy ducks, who are as much a nuisance as any other animal in the neighborhood. They're ugly, bold and won't move out the way when you are driving down the street.

But do they really deserve to be blow-darted?

The metal darts have been found in several ducks and in trees and other areas around Wolf Lake Park. None of the ducks have been killed and most seem oblivious to the metal mini spear protruding from their feathers.

Resident Rebecca McConnel said she noticed the ducks had darts sticking out of their necks Tuesday.

"I can't believe... how can you hurt them? I'm so outraged," McConnel told WSVN.

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