Residents in Downtown Miami Want Noise Turned Down at Nearby Clubs

Residents in several Downtown Miami condos and apartments want nearby clubs and night spots to turn off the noise instead of turning it up.

A hearing Thursday took place in which the clubs caught up in the noise complaints, including Space, E11even and Heart, will fight the $500 citations handed out by the city.

Those who live nearby along Miami Avenue and NE 10th Street, just a block away from the clubs, say the music can be heard even with their windows closed - sometimes as late as 5:30 in the morning.

"Some people can't sleep at night. It's a serious problem," said resident Mark Kirby.

They say club district has now turned into a neighborhood and want the nightlife there to change.

Attorneys for the clubs argued for a continuance, raising questions and saying city leaders need to make sure they're enforcing the right code and using the right definition of terms like "plainly audible".

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