Tamarac Residents Ask City for Action After Band of Coyotes Kill Pet Dog

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A Tamarac neighborhood is asking the city for action after several sightings of coyotes in the area, including one that snatched and killed a family pet last week.

The owner of 4-year-old Bo - a Yorkie - says that around 8 p.m. last Wednesday, a coyote appeared out of nowhere and grabbed the dog by the neck before taking off. His children were nearby, sitting in their screened in porch as it happened.

A short time later, Bo was found at a golf course, dead.

“They were hysterical, their screams were loud enough for the neighbors to come out,” said owner Alan Moreno, who was standing just 5 yards away when Bo was snatched. “It was grabbed by the neck, you heard it yelp, I saw my dogs eyes going away from me, his eyes going into the golf course.”

"The coyote just whizzed right by me, passed me to get to the dog, grabbed him by the neck and took him to the golf course," Bo's owner said.

Neighbors have snapped all kinds of photos of coyotes in the area lately, even in parking lots. Some are afraid to walk outside their back door.

“I’ve had to change my schedule and I’m just afraid to go out and I’m constantly looking around in fear, and that’s not a good feeling,” said Eunice Sutton, who lives a few doors down.

Another woman makes sure she carried a baton when she walks her dogs, just in case.

“I take my dog and I have this (in hand) and my heart is like, boom boom boom,” said Ester Ramos.

The City of Tamarac says it's aware of reports of coyotes in the neighborhood, and encourages residents to keep their distance.

To avoid coyotes, the city recommends:

  • Secure garbage cans, clean up pet food and fallen fruit
  • Keep pets in enclosed areas, walk dogs on a short leash
  • Do not feed coyotes

Neighbors say they’ve made The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission and the City of Tamarac aware of the attacks. The city says coyotes are part of Florida wildlife and they’re here to stay.

Neighbors are still looking into what options they may have to trap the coyotes and relocate them.

The city also released a statement saying, “Coyotes are an important part of the landscape in Florida. They help maintain healthy ecosystems by managing populations of rodents, insects and other small animals. By preventing conflicts, we can better coexist with coyotes and other wildlife.“

NBC 6's Marissa Bagg spoke with the animal's owner as residents in one neighborhood are now concerned that their animal could become a victim.
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