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Residents Raise Concerns After Hit-and-Run Crash in Miami Beach

Residents and business owners say 71st Street in Miami Beach is dangerous

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Residents and business owners in Normandy Village in Miami Beach are concerned about speeding traffic after a major crash Tuesday night.

The crash, which police called a hit-and-run, happened at the intersection of 71st Street and Bay Drive.

"I'm really terrified even just to cross the street from my business to the daycare center because of the excessive speeding in the neighborhood," said resident Ginger Phillips.

Phillips and her husband Sal Photo just opened their own business and live across the street near the crash scene. He was driving back home with his daughter in the back seat when he saw the accident.

The unidentified female driver was arrested and the victim in the other car was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover.

"And thank God there was nobody walking or crossing the street, that was my biggest fear," Photo said.

In recent years, the City of Miami Beach has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars revitalizing this area.

"People need to come out and celebrate and enjoy this area and feel safe said David Sexton with the Normandy Fountain Business Association.

He added that the traffic issue will be brought before the Miami Beach transportation board at their next meeting in March.

"I want people to know that this is a place where you can come out with your family and enjoy the fountain and enjoy walking around the businesses and not feel like you're walking on I-95," Sexton said.

A spokesperson for the city said that in the past, they've asked the Florida Department of Transportation to do a safety study because of the ongoing problems along this stretch of road.

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