Dania Beach Residents Unhappy With Settlement Over Planned New Runway at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

Dania Beach commissioners are voting to settle lawsuits with Broward County over a new main runway at FLL

For the last time, people living in Dania Beach were able to tell city commissioners what they thought of a plan to settle litigation with Broward County over plans for a new 'main' runway at the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport.

Dozens of residents aren't happy about the proposed new runway and the terms of the settlement proposal. But at this point, city commissioners said they have no choice but to end legal wrangling with the county.

Last week, commissioners voted unanimously to approve the settlement, and they plan on doing the same thing Tuesday, October 11th.

"It's being trapped and they're holding us hostage over there," Irene Lathrop said about Broward County officials. "They really are."

Lathrop lives just south of where the new runway is set to be built. She said she's been fighting these plans for 25 years, but now, may have to succumb to the settlement the city is making with Broward County after numerous lawsuits changed nothing.

One agreement gives residents living in a certain area sound proof windows and doors. Residents said it's a nice idea, but doesn't solve the problem.

"At 5:15am, you have a jumbo jet flying over your house," Kenneth Hubbard says he thought as he looked at a map of the plans.

Another payoff includes offering people living in certain affected areas 25 percent of their home's market value. They can take a check or a payment from the county if they want to sell their home.

Still, dozens aren't happy with this idea either.

"Fair market value just went down 300 percent." a frustrated Hubbard said. "My house used to be appraised at $300,000 and now it's $135,000. I'd get, like, $20,000 and there you go."

Others, including those who live across the street from someone who can get sound proof windows or a check, get nothing -- left out because of where the lines were drawn.

That's something that doesn't just upset residents, but commissioners too.

"I feel sick for our residents," Commissioner Walker Duke said.

Another speaker vented to commissioners and said, "I don't think we're being treated fairly at all."

After the next vote by commissioners, the county will vote on the settlement, then finally, the Federal Aviation Administration has the final vote to approve.

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