Residents Square Off Over Proposed Charter School in South Miami

The proposal for a new charter school in South Miami is going before the county commission Thursday as residents who are both for and against it are squaring off.

The 2,500-student, K-12 school, which would open at 72nd Avenue and 72nd Street is causing quite the stir, as some who live in the area say traffic there is already bad enough as it is.

A large crowd was in attendance at Thursday's meeting, with supporters wearing blue shirts, and those against it wearing yellow.

One resident recalled how she recently suffered a heart attack and her ambulance drivers had a tough time getting to the hospital due to the traffic.

"As they started going down Sunset they saw the traffic just really wasn't moving, of course, you know the schools and regular traffic down Sunset Drive," Luci Hernandez said. "They were kind of in a panic situation, I could hear them talking to each other."

Others said the school would be a welcome option for their kids.

"I think it's a great idea because we don't have many options in our neighborhood," Kimberly Davis said. "Our child would have to travel outside of our neighborhood, and this particular school is close enough that he can basically walk or bike to school. It would go all through high school we won't have to transfer him from 5th grade and then 8th grade, he can continue to stay within the same school and I think it's a great option."

It's not known when a final decision on the school will be made.

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