Residents Want Answers After Miami Condo Listed as Unsafe Structure

The notice posted by the city of Miami warned that repairs need to be made or the building must be demolished.

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Residents at a Miami condominium want answers after an inspector placed their building on the city’s unsafe structure list.

The building, located at 5050 NW 7th Street, was placed on the unsafe structure list in May based on images taken by a city’s field inspector, according to a city of Miami spokesperson. He said another case was opened “due to non-compliance with the 40/50 year recertification process.”

Maria Alejandra Perez lives at the property and called NBC 6 after she spotted a notice placed at the property earlier this month.

“The first day we found that notice, I came home from work and I started crying,” Perez said.

The notice posted by the city of Miami warned that repairs need to be made or the building must be demolished.

“We went to a family’s house, a significant other's house, because that notice is unclear,” Perez said.

Perez told NBC 6 it has been difficult to get information from the building’s condo association and property management company.

“I would just like some sort of clarity,” Perez said.

NBC 6 found the building went under new management at the end of June.

We reached out to the new management company and the company’s listed attorney, but we are still waiting to hear back.

But the management company did post a notice in the building last week, saying the recertification has been in process for months and the association hired an engineer who conducted an inspection. The notice, which is written in Spanish, goes on to say the engineer’s report “…doesn’t indicate … a dangerous condition that could cause concern of a collapse or serious structural deficiency.” 

NBC 6 also reached out to the condo association president but have not heard back.

The notice posted by the management company also says the next step is to send the latest inspection report to the city with the repair plans. Once the city approves the plans, then a contractor will be hired to complete the work, according to the notice.

The city told NBC 6 the property is scheduled for a hearing at the upcoming “City’s Unsafe Structures Panel” on August 20.

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