Residents Will Likely Have to Leave Dilapidated Little Havana Apartment Building

Manager of rat- and roach-infested building expected to announce evacuation order

Residents of rat- and roach-infested building in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood will soon have to find another place to live.

The manager of the building at 946 Southwest 4th Street was expected to announce an evacuation order Thursday. Officials with the City of Miami said an injunction was filed Wednesday to put a court-appointed receiver in place to manage and repair the property or find other safe and sufficient housing so the city could move forward with demolition.

Residents say the building has become uninhabitable after a half-dozen children had to be hospitalized for rodent and bug bites recently. In addition to the critters, residents say the building has structural damage and a mold problem.

Paula Laguna, who lives at the building, says her 15-month-old daughter, Arte, was bitten by a rat in her crib. She says she doesn't know where they'll go if forced out of the building.

"We don't know what we're going to do," Laguna told NBC 6 in Spanish. "I'm under the impression that even if they say we have five days to leave, the usual is a month. They can't kick us out, where are we going to go?"

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