Miami Police Union President Returns to Job After Restraining Order is Lifted

With charges dropped, Ortiz said he feels vindicated after he was accused of harassment and stalking

A judge dropped the restraining order Monday against Miami police union president Lt. Javier Ortiz because of a lack of evidence. The judge, however, said Ortiz made poor decisions on social media.

With charges dropped, Ortiz said he feels vindicated after he was accused of harassment and stalking. Ortiz also said he's learned a few things that he shared with other fellow officers.

His accuser, Claudia Castillo, testified in court Monday saying that his presence was “nerve-wracking.” In 2016, Castillo went viral for pulling over a speeding Miami-Dade officer and posting the video online. Ortiz then took to social media to post pictures of Castillo and post her contact information, urging his followers to contact her.

"I can google your name right now and I could get your phone number. I mean, it's all public information. It's not something that is so protected as some people try to claim; all that information is there,” said Ortiz in court Monday.

Castillo claims Ortiz also intimidated her at a civilian panel where citizen complaints against officers are heard. She claims he closely watched her at the meeting.

"I don't know why he would want to look, you know, out to see me walking to my car," Castillo testified in court Monday.

Lt. Ortiz had been relieved of duty with pay as he challenged Castillo's restraining order.

"When my firearms were taken away and I had a petition out against me, being falsely accused. I can relate to a lot of people, not only in our community but all over the country," Ortiz said.

His firearm has since been returned. Ortiz said he'll use what happened as a learning experience.

"There's always things that I wish I could do different. I did not mean to, in any way shape or form, threaten Ms. Castillo and I think that was proven today that that didn't happen," Ortiz explained.

With the restraining order dropped, Ortiz is expected to return to his normal duties, but it’s unclear when.

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