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Firm Finds Pembroke Pines' Water Safe After November Health Alert

A private firm hired by the City of Pembroke Pines presented research Wednesday that found water samples recently taken from six sites meet state health regulations, concluding the city's water is safe to drink.

The findings come after state health officials issued an alert in November when water samples revealed a high level of trihalomethanes -- a chemical compound that can be harmful if ingested over many years.

Chandra Mysore is the Water/Wastewater Technology Director of the private firm Jacobs. He told NBC 6 that despite its findings, the city's water is still not in compliance with state health regulations, and won't be until additional testing confirms his firm's findings.

Water must meet state requirements for 4 consecutive quarters before its deemed in compliance, according to Mysore. The firm conducted testing at six locations. 

Additional water samples will be collected in August. The firm also provided recommendations for Pembroke Pines moving forward. 

test sample in November 2016 showed a high level of trihalomethanes in the water. Although the health department warned Pembroke Pines residents about the water safety issue, city officials maintained the water is safe to drink, saying there is “no acute health risk.”

The firm pointed to routine pipe cleaning around the time water samples were taken in November as the likely reason for the high levels of trihalomethane.

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