Retired Cop Accused of Stalking Coral Gables Police Officer

A retired police officer is accused of stalking and harassing a Coral Gables cop who arrested him for battery.

Dennis Charles Moore, 57, was arrested on aggravated stalking and harassment charges, according to an arrest report.

Moore, who had been arrested in May on a simple battery charge, went to the Coral Gables Police Department on Thursday and said he was there to speak with the officer who arrested him, the report said.

The officer was off-duty but when Moore returned later that day the officer was on-duty, and came back to the police station. Once she arrived, Moore pointed his finger in her face and started yelling at her, the report said.

"You said everything would be OK, and it's not OK! You know what you saw! You're going to pay!" Moore said, according to the report.

Moore put his hand in his pocket and the officer ordered him to remove it, which he initially did before putting it back in his pocket, the report said. When she ordered him to remove it again he did "as if drawing a weapon" and had a white cell phone charger cord in his hand, the report said.

Moore was ordered to leave the building, which he did, but 30 minutes later he was seen on the side of the building about six feet from the officer's car in the police-only parking area, the report said.

As officers took him into custody, Moore said "I'll be out tomorrow!" the report said.

The report said there had been an "active alert message advising of his statement of intent to commit harm to police" from March 2016.

Moore was arrested and booked into jail, where he was being held on $2,000 bond Friday, records showed. Attorney information wasn't available.

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