Ricky Williams Gets Masked Payback on Jason Taylor

Ricky Williams dresses up as Jason Taylor for Halloween

Apparently Ricky Williams has a memory as long as LeBron James.

The Miami Dolphins enigmatic running back showcased his vengeful and humorous side by dressing up as former teammate and now New York Jet Jason Taylor at the team's annual Halloween costume party.

Williams sported an over-sized JT head (dare we say a swipe at Taylor's ego), equipped with a big smile, and a plastic upper body ripped with light-skinned muscles, all wrapped up in a black leotard, a la "Dancing With The Stars."

Williams even incorporated a dance partner for dramatic affect. The only thing missing was the disco ball.

The move was a direct response to something Taylor did to Williams six years ago after the running back decided to retire. In 2004, Taylor put on dreadlocks and sunglasses, Williams' trademark at the time, and a No. 34 Dolphins jersey for Halloween.

It would have been a funny gesture, had Taylor not called Williams a quitter for retiring just before the start of the season.

But the roles were somewhat reversed this season and Tuesday night.

We have to say Williams wins out in the costumed feud, not because he's a Dolphin, but because Taylor made himself a prime target by going on a nationally televised dance competition.

Now if we could only get Channing Crowder to dress up as Jets coach Rex Ryan, then we'd have a real feud on our hands.

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