Rift Between PGA, Donald Trump Puts Future of Doral Golf Tournament in Limbo

The professional golf tournament in Doral is just around the corner. There's now a new effort to make sure this isn't the last time it's held there.

The future of the tournament is in limbo because of a rift involving the PGA and Donald Trump. An estimated loss of $50 million is at stake for the city.

Teresa Dorman was scurrying to keep up at the Carolina Ale House, a long way from the campaign trail.

But it's what Donald Trump has been saying, comments about Muslims and Mexicans, that could end up having a big impact on Teresa and lots of others.

Teresa's work is directly across from the Trump National Golf Resort and the PGA Tour's Cadillac Championship in early March.

"We thrive off of that week," she said.

But will this be the last hurrah for the tourney in Doral? The PGA Tour previously told golf.com that Trump's comments are inconsistent with their commitment to an inclusive and welcoming environment and they'd have to see about coming back.

"Obviously the tournament is huge for Doral and all of South Florida," said Doral Councilman Peter Cabrera.

NBC 6 has learned that next week Doral will officially move to enter into talks with the PGA.

"I believe the PGA has a responsibility to Doral also. I know the community, because we have been supportive for a long time," Cabrera said. "They also have a responsibility to a local community. Can't just pack up and leave. I don't think that's responsible."

Trump sent NBC 6 a statement saying: "The PGA does not want to leave, there's no site like Doral in Florida. I have the greatest site in all of Florida. If they want to do that, it's fine with me. I'll make more money."

The PGA said it will focus on 2017 after this year's tournament and wants to reconnect with South Florida to provide a tournament that's affordable and a great experience.

Another option mentioned was Key Biscayne, already home to the boat show and tennis. But there are a lot of legal and logistical issues with Key Biscayne.

The PGA's note to NBC 6 said South Florida but didn't mention the Trump Resort by name. The council is expected to give more details about their strategy with the PGA next week.

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