Rise in Animal Fostering During COVID-19 Pandemic

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As more people have more downtime due to social distancing and working from home in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, some South Florida animal shelters are seeing a jump in foster and adoption numbers.

Patricia Lara, the owner of Wonder Paws Rescue in Fort Lauderdale, says foster applications are up by 1,005%.

“We get one a week, we’re getting 15-20," Lara said. "We have to approve them and make sure they are amazing people, and they are going to take them home. We would basically do the same screening we would do for an adopter. We want to make sure our babies are safe."

Miami-Dade County Animal Shelter reported that foster numbers have more than doubled since the beginning of March. Fort Lauderdale's Good Karma Pet Rescue also reported that they have had 154 adoptions so far this month, in comparison to 102 in March 2019.

"To me, this is what we do when we are fierce and committed to a higher perspective of life," said Anne Butters, who is preparing to adopt a three-year-old Pomeranian named Reese.

Jo-Ann Orlando is not only fostering Reese, but she has three other dogs and has fostered more than 20 pets.

"It gives you something else to do, first of all, the activity of walking, playing, just the love," Orlando said. "I know people are stressed out right now."

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