Romero Britto Creates Abstract Driving

Our most notable artist gets his swerve on -- and not in a good way

Miami's most notable artist Romero Britto has a new self portrait to put on his wall, but it won't be getting him any awards.

The eccentric artist was busted for driving under the influence after a night of drinking ealier this week.

Around 3 a.m. this morning, Britto, whose nauseatingly bright pieces have been seen everywhere from the Super Bowl to David Caruso's walls, was driving his black '01 Bentley heading southbound on Washington Avenue. The arrest affidavit said that he weaved a few times into another lane and almost struck another car, then a little later almost struck a parked car.

The officer who finally pulled him over observed that "the defendant had a flushed face, bloodshot watery eyes, slurred speech, and strong odor of alcoholic beverage." After a failed sobriety test, Britto was hauled off, stating, "officer, I live across the bridge, give me a break."

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