Roof Collapses, Man Electrocuted During Day of Bad Storms in South Florida

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A man is in the hospital after his family says he was shocked during Monday's recent thunderstorms. 

Around the same time, surveillance cameras caught another family’s patio collapsed in Davie.

Steve Katz’s patio roof collapsed Monday from the heavy rain. His son, Tyler Katz, was shocked watching the video. 

“Just saw the tsunami of water rushing away all the furniture on the patio. It was much worse than I could’ve ever imagined,” Tyler Katz said.

Steve Katz was actually on the patio cleaning out the gutters when this happened. 

“It was just a matter of timing, and if he was there a few seconds or minutes later, it would’ve likely collapsed while someone was inside the patio, which would’ve been catastrophic and only for the damages but for potentially a human life,” Tyler Katz said.

A family in Miami-Dade wasn’t so lucky. Iveth Franco told NBC 6 her husband, Javier, was shocked while trying to fix something on the roof. 

A neighbor says he knew something was wrong the moment it happened. 

“It sounded like somebody ran into a car without the glass breaking, boom...boom,” David Nerling described. 

Franco can’t be with her husband because of the COVID-19 pandemic. She says he’s in critical condition. 

“I don’t know if this man was hit by lightning or if he got into the wire,” said Nerling. 

Monday’s bad weather is a sign for Tyler Katz of what’s expected to come. 

“So you’re starting to get in the mindset of the hurricane atmosphere, but you’re not expecting anything to hit home,” he said. “Instead you just have a really bad thunderstorm and it can cause damage like that it wasn’t something that we were expecting at all. It was an eye-opener.”

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