Roseanne Barr Gets More Than 8,000 Votes in Florida

.1 percent of Floridians cast ballots for TV star

Comedian Roseanne Barr is used to getting laughs but on Election Day 2012 the TV star got a surprising amount of votes in Florida.

Barr, who was running for president on the Peace and Freedom ticket with anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, garnered more than 8,000 votes in the Sunshine State, according to the Florida Division of Elections.

Her 8,008 votes were good for fifth in Florida, behind the Democratic, Republican, Libertarian and Green party candidates with .1 percent.

In Broward County, Barr and Sheehan took home 353 votes, or .05 percent, according to the supervisor of elections. Miami-Dade elections department officials said they didn't have final totals for Barr.

Ballots Still Being Counted in Miami-Dade Wednesday

The Florida county with the strongest support for Barr was Pinellas, where she received 592 votes, good for .13 percent. She received 522 votes in nearby Hillsborough County, according to unofficial results released Wednesday.

Results for the "Roseanne" star were similar throughout the state. In Brevard, Barr took home 411 votes, while Pasco County voters cast 453 ballots for Barr.

Election Day 2012 By the Numbers

Palm Beach residents gave Barr 325 votes, with Polk County voters cast 392 for the 59-year-old.

In addition to Florida, Barr was on the ballot in California and Colorado. Her key issues focused on the legalization of marijuana, less power for the federal reserve and clean water preservation. 

After the election was called for President Barack Obama, Barr tweeted her congratulations and a message to followers.

"To my fans: yes I will start being funny again now!" she wrote.

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