Rottweiler Dies After Swarm of Bees Attack in West Park: Authorities

The bees attacked Robert Denmark's 6-year-old dog, Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue said

A Rottweiler was killed after a bee attack in West Park Thursday, authorities said.

Robert Denmark, 65, was washing his 6-year-old dog in his backyard at 4929 SW 22nd St. Then a swarm of bees attacked, Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue said.

“As he was leaning over washing the dog, bees surrounded him and the dog," Cyntheria Denmark said.

Robert Denmark said he and his dog, Rico, were far outnumbered.

“They was just coming. The only thing I could do was just swing," he said.

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He said at different points he ran inside, tried to save Rico, and even used smoke to ward off the bees.

When fire rescue personnel arrived on the scene, they saved Denmark and pulled the Rottweiler from the bees, according to Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue.

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Denmark drove his dog to an animal hospital, but it did not survive, Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue said.

The bees came from a tree next door belonging to neighbor Willie Rivera.

“I know he was really close to the dog, so I felt really bad about what happened," Rivera said.

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Bee removal specialist Rolando Calzadilla released an insecticide inside the tree to kill the bees, and then sealed the entry.

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