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Rough Arrest, Spring Break Discussed by Miami-Dade Community Relations Board

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The Miami-Dade County Community Relations board met Wednesday to talk at length about issues police faced during spring break on Miami Beach.

Committee members also discussed the latest on an internal affairs investigation into a rough arrest that was caught on video.

That internal affairs investigation was launched this week following the arrest of Jarvis Swanson by Miami-Dade Police.

Cell phone video shows people yelling at the officers as they’re struggling with Swanson on the ground.

One officer is seen punching him on the side of his head. Swanson was charged with having a weapon as a convicted felon and resisting arrest without violence.

Officers involved in the incident were reassigned to administrative duties this week.

On Wednesday, police announced they’re gathering information and evidence as part of the investigation, until a final decision is made. They said they have taken immediate steps to ensure the highest level of their agency is looking at the arrest.

Meanwhile, another topic discussed was the lessons learned and next steps for the spring break state of emergency that closed South Beach down early last week.

"Five people who came down for vacation went to the hospital. I’m upset about that. Five people shot walking down the street that had nothing to do with it. I’m bothered by that," Miami Beach Police Chief Richard Clements said.

Ambassadors from the committee were on the ground mitigating arrests, but still, police are disappointed about the innocent people wounded.

"If you want to know why there was a curfew, if you want to know why it was there, it was there to protect people," Clements said. "I have a very difficult time finding out how I’m going to go up to each one of them and say 'I’m sorry.'"

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