Rounding Up the Usual Mutts

Miami PD busts stray dogs

Dogs on the loose beware: the cops will collar you.

The Miami-Dade Police Department began a massive sweep today to try to get man's best friend off the streets.

Starting at 8 a.m., the City's Finest teamed up with Animal Control to do a doggie roundup, targeting stray dogs in the Little Havana area.

The City says the dogs pose a danger not only in their bite but also in certain diseases they carry, and owners must put their pooches on a leash or they'll face a fine.

One woman, whose dog, Gadget, was let out to use the restroom without a leash, was given a $165 ticket.

"This was only one minute, just to make a pee-pee and no more," said Gadget's owner Carolina Ojeda.

"This is not her property, this is city property. Anything outside that building the dog is not allowed," said officer Kris Miller. "She needed to have the dog on a leash walking it like most people do."

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