Ruff Day? Therapy Dog Here to Help

Doggy with degrees lends a helping paw

Just in time for the dog days of summer, here's a pooch who's certified to help you with your problems.

Leonardo da Vinci Olivia, a five-year-old Great Pyrenees from West Palm Beach, holds an impressive array of degrees.

In addition to being a rescue dog, Leo is a newly certified therapy dog and an American Kennel Club 'Canine Good Citizen.'

Leo has been trained to be a good listener, holding in his bark as humans spew forth their problems.

The helpful hound is involved in literacy programs in schools and libraries, giving kids who have trouble reading aloud a listener to help them relax.

"People tend to be judgmental and they always want to make corrections and fix something, whereas dogs don't," Leo's owner Michaelina Oliva told WPTV. It's a bond that I feel like I'm really making a difference and I'm really adding to society besides just being a teacher."

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