Jason Parker

Safety Advocates Warning of Teen Distracted Driving Dangers Over Summer Months

While it may be the summer season of fun in the sun, it's also the most deadly time of the year for teen divers.

The time between Memorial Day and Labor Day is called the "100 deadliest days", when the number of deadly teen car accidents skyrockets because more new and inexperienced teen drivers are out of school and hitting the already-crowded roads.

AAA says speed, seatbelts, and distractions are the three most common factors in deadly teen car accidents – and those distractions may not be strictly gadgets.

"When we looked at distractions, we found that the first cause of a distraction for a teen driver was a passenger, and the second was a cell phone,” said spokesperson Jennifer Ryan.

Safety advocates urge parents to sign an agreement with their new teen drivers, setting clear consequences for breaking the rules for the road.

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