Salesman Gets His Sentence

It's a month in jail and a year of probation for gun-toting ex-commish

What’s the penalty these days for illegally exhibiting a firearm?

Apparently 30 days in jail and one year of probation.

Former Miramar commissioner Fitzroy Salesman was sentenced to the aforementioned punishment after pulling a firearm on another customer at a Miramar Winn-Dixie. 11 items in the express lane gets us all riled up, too.

He was found not guilty of aggravated assault with a firearm, which could have had him making license plates for three years, but found guilty of the lesser charge – improperly exhibiting a firearm -- for which he could have gotten up to 364 days in the slammer.

Instead, he’ll be in and out in a month.

Though suspended from the City Commission after the incident, then losing his bid for re-election, Salesman told the Miami Herald he hasn’t ruled out running for elected office again some day.

''It's a calling,'' he said. ``But first I have to put the pieces back together.''

And try ordering his groceries online.


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