Salsa Singer Luis Enrique to Perform at Festival Miami 2013

Salsa Grammy winner Luis Enrique will perform on Oct. 12 at the University of Miami Gusman Concert Hall.

Grammy winner Luis Enrique is has been recognized all over the world for his salsa music. The singer-songwriter-guitarist will be part of "Romantic Salsa at Its Best," which is part of Festival Miami, the annual music festival that opens the South Florida arts season.

"I expect to have a great time playing with the up and coming musicians from University of Miami," Luis Enrique said. "Its gonna be a great night, great experience."

The concert is on Oct. 12 at 8 p.m. at the University of Miami Gusman Concert Hall.

Luis Enrique is commonly known for his song "Yo No Sé Mañana,” which won a Grammy Award for “Best Traditional Tropical Latin Album,” “Best Salsa Album” and “Best Song the Year.”

Tell us about your career and your acheivements.

Salsa means everything to me. It's the music that I grew up loving and love to perform. As I look back I am very proud of every achievement, every album or CD I've ever done and above all, the contribution that from my perspective I've given to the genre.

Has it been challanging to be a Nicaraguan salsa singer?

As a Nicaraguan it's been challenging to showcase my talent, because it's unusual for a Nicaraguan to be successful internationally and more so with Salsa. To have a following form Latin America and Europe is more than I've ever dreamed of.

How do you see the success of Salsa in the United States?

I think that for one, Salsa still is a kind of underground movement. What I mean is that, there is very little airplay on contemporary radio and I believe and it's been my experience that the industry, does not allow it to grow. The purist want to keep the music sounding like years ago, it's almost like anything new will not get the opportunity to record it, let alone get airplay. Right now we are not hearing any of the young salseros show case their ideas, and for that I feel very sorry, cause the music the genre needs a boost from a younger generation that is eager to be heard but with what they believe they should do, not with what anyone else thinks they should sound like.

What do you see for the future of your career?

I know that I want to do so much more, and hopefully God will give me health and to continue on the path that I have been given. I'm grateful for what I have now but still plenty more to do.

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