Same Name Couple Celebrates 1st Anniversary

Kelly and Kelly Hildebrandt still happily married after 15 minutes of fame

When Kelly Hildebrandt searched her own name on Facebook, she discovered two things.

One: her future husband.

Two: that the world LOVED their love story.

"We did probably 50 interviews," recalls Kelly (the husband) Hildebrandt.

After NBC Miami first told you about Kelly Hildebrandt (squared) in July 2009, their story went worldwide. They appeared on the "Today Show," "Inside Edition," Fox News, the front page of, their wedding picture made People Magazine and they even became a joke on Conan O'Brien's monologue.

"At first, when it was everybody all at once," said female Kelly, "I was like, 'oh my gosh, what's going on!'"

Fast-forward one year later and the spotlight is gone. But the Kelly Hildebrandts' are as happy as ever.

"Sometimes there were people saying, 'Oh these people are crazy, it'll never last," Kelly (the wife) said about the haters. "But tic toc, it's a year later, and I still love him!"

Kelly and Kelly share an apartment in Coconut Creek these days. She's in school. He has his own tree service business. And like any married couple, they have disagreements. Like male Kelly wanting to name their baby, you guessed it, Kelly.

"No, we're not having a Kelly," said Kelly the girl. "It's confusing enough...boy Kelly, girl Kelly, baby Kelly. No."

Another confusion in married life happens when female Kelly uses male Kelly as her emergency contact.

"I'm like no, I'm Kelly K. Hildebrandt, he's Kelly C. Hildebrandt, that's my husband. And they're like, 'what?'"

The two Kellys have to explain their one-of-a-kind love story all the time. But besides that, their life is pretty normal. And they like it that way.

"It's been so nice to have our own place together and living our lives together," said male Kelly.

"What more can you ask for, I'm married to my best friend," added female Kelly.

Kelly and Kelly are celebrating their first anniversary with a trip to Key West.

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