Sawgrass Mills Mall Evacuated After Power Outage

Police said it wasn't immediately clear what caused the outage

Thousands of people were evacuated from Sawgrass Mills mall after losing power Thursday afternoon.

Police said it wasn't immediately clear what caused the outage, but crews were at the mall trying to restore power.

People in the mall saw the lights flicker and then fire alarms went off.

"We were just in the store and the lights went off. We had to evacuate, get all the money safe," said store employee Daynason Eugene. 

"The fire alarms came on they told everybody to come out. We had to keep calm until everybody told us to get out," said another store employee Fela Castro.

The mall will be closed the rest of the night, but anticipates re-opening on Friday.

“Sawgrass Mills has experienced an FP&L issue along with others in the area. As a matter of public safety, all of Sawgrass Mills will be closed for the remainder of the evening. Please feel free to visit our Facebook page for up-to-the-minute information," said Luanne Lenberg, the mall's general manager, in an email statement.

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