Lockdown Lifted at Sawgrass Mills Following Shoplifting Incident

The lockdown has been lifted at Sawgrass Mills in Sunrise after a scare inside the mall Sunday afternoon. 

The mall was placed on lockdown Sunday after police received calls of a shooter. However, those reports were unfounded, according to police. They determined that it was due to a shoplifting incident and the crook was in possession of a knife.

Shoppers posted on social media that they were ordered to shelter in place, while many others were seen running from the mall.

Police said the shoplifter has yet to be located. 

NBC 6 spoke to a law enforcement officer off-camera, who said they scanned the area on foot and through surveillance video. They did not see any suspicious person or activity, so it seems unclear to them, as well, what exactly happened at Sawgrass Mills Sunday.

"I was coming out of the store and walking across to another store. And everybody started screaming and running," said Wilma Raugenberger, a shopper.

Sunday's incident is the fifth of its kind at Sawgrass. The first happened last Dec. 31. 

Last August, Dolphin Mall was the site of a false alarm. Aventura Mall experienced a similar situation during last year's holiday season. 

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