Sawgrass Mills Mall Reopens After Flooding Forced Closures

Shoppers will finally have a chance to buy items at Sawgrass Mills Mall after three days of heavy rains and flooding forced closures.

The Sunrise mega mall’s shopping hotline confirmed that it will reopen Saturday morning at 10 a.m.

"We are pleased to see water levels receding along our access roads and exterior parking lots, ensuring easy entry once again into the mall," a statement from the mall read.

Sawgrass Mills has been closed since Wednesday, when overnight rain caused flooding of the parking lot and surrounding areas – leaving cars and passengers stranded.

But the mall's reopening won't automatically mean sunshine and clear skies for returning shoppers. Saturday is expected be mostly cloudy with scattered showers and a few isolated storms.

The area has received close to a foot of rain since Monday.

None of the mall's buildings were affected by the flooding.

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