Video Catches Dad Becoming School Bus Bully

Dad goes on bully tirade on a school bus

Police are calling a Florida dad a real bully after he jumped on his daughter's school bus and confronted some kids who had been harassing the girl.

The irate father's tirade was caught on the Seminole school bus' surveillance camera and now police are investigating whether to press charges.

"Now everybody sit down; sit down," the unidentified man said on the surveillance tape.

The man turns to his daughter and asks her to point out some students. The girl had allegedly been getting beat up and picked on during rides to and from school, the father said.

"Show me which one. Show me which one," he said.

The video showed the man head down the center aisle to confront other students.

"This is my daughter, and I will kill the (expletive) who fought her," he said.

In the video, the school bus driver can be seen allowing the man to get on the bus and doesn't appear to budge as the man warns the group of students, who were on their way to a Lake Mary school earlier this week.

With bullying becoming an even bigger issue in schools, several parents have decided to take matters into their own hands instead of turning to school officials or police to straighten out bullies.

In Broward, another angry dad pulled a stun gun on a fifth grader who was bullying his son at school. He was arrested and charged with felony child abuse.

The Seminole County Sheriff's Office may seek charges of false imprisonment, disorderly conduct, interrupting a school function and assault.

"Here you have an adult, a grown man, who is probably by hand able to carry out these threats -- to do serious bodily harm or kill these children," Seminole County Sheriff's Office Lt. James Clark said.

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